Boat for Hope

Variety – The Children’s Charity is gearing up for another Boat for Hope event in Kelowna!  The Kelowna Yacht Club partners with Variety to host this exciting program for children in B.C who have special needs.  

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 What is Boat for Hope?

Boat for Hope was created in 1999 with the mandate to share the boating experience with children who have special needs associated with Variety – The Children’s Charity. 

Each year, children depart from Kerry Park for an adventure on the ‘high seas’.  Boat owners will dress up in pirate suits, decorate their boats and take children on a treasure hunt through the waters of Okanagan Lake.  The children will help navigate their course, as they stop at checkpoints along the way to collect their loot.

Volunteers Needed! 

“Adults are just outdated children.” – Dr Seuss.

If you want to be part of a great cause and have a blast while doing it, this is the event for you! 35 skippers are needed*, so dress up in your finest pirate attire, decorate your boats & join us on the water. Landlubbers, we need your help too! 30 volunteers are needed on shore to maintain order and lend a hand during all the piratey shenanigans.

Join us for an adventure on the high seas. This action-packed experience will bring out your inner child (and inner pirate) – no aaarg-ument!

 Click here to register as a volunteer.
* A $500 tax receipt for boat gas can be issued to participating boats . Participating boat owners have two weeks around the Boat for Hope date to put up to $500 gas in their boats and submit the receipts (email, text, fax, mail) to Variety.