2017 REMAX Mobility Cup

Mobility Cup is Canada’s international regatta for sailors with a disability. The first Mobility Cup was initiated in 1991 in Vancouver and every year since it has been held in different cities across Canada. This year’s event will be held at Kelowna Yacht Club and we look forward to being a sponsor at the 2017 Remax Mobility Cup!

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Billets Needed for the 2017 REMAX Mobility Cup:

Sailors will be travelling to Kelowna from across Canada to compete in the 2017 REMAX Mobility Cup. Normally each competitor will arrive with one or two support people. Prime tourist season in Kelowna can be prohibitively expensive for visitors. For this reason, offers of billet accommodation may be the final deciding factor which will determine if a competitor can register for this event, or not.

DATES: From September 10 to September 16. Although, some competitors may request dates between September 9 and September 17.

Club members and other generous Kelowna residents who are interested in hosting billets during the regatta, click here to complete the Google Form. Likewise, if you know of anyone who might be interested in hosting billets, please share this information with them.