Not only is Sailpast a Kelowna Yacht Club tradition, it is a ceremony that dates back to the earliest beginnings of naval tradition as well. 

Sailpast is a ceremony of inspecting a fleet of ships, and showing respect to the Commander-in-Charge. Throughout history this ceremony has included royalty, heads of state and admirals, all inspecting fleets or entire navies. Every year, the practice of Sail Past is performed by thousands of yacht clubs around the world and signifies the official start of the boating season.

Join fellow members as we recognize this traditional event, either on the water or from the shore. 

Schedule of Events
8:00 am | Breakfast – Member Lounge (member’s only)
9:45 am  | Flag Raising
10:00 am  | Ceremonies – Commodore’s Dock
10:20 am  | Proceed to Boats
11:00 am | Sailpast Commences

Sailpast order: , Sailing Fleet followed by the Power Fleet

After returning from the water, join the Commodore on the dock for a reception.

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Tradition dictates that all club members participate in Sailpast. Tradition also requires that members unable to participate must send their regrets to the Commodore.

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