Boat Club Application


  • ◾ 16 Hours no-charge rentals with the ability to book these in advance with the Watersports Team
  • ◾ 25% Discount on boat rentals after your 16 hours have been utilized
  • ◾ Exclusive advance bookings until mid-summer
  • ◾ On-water orientation, optional and to be scheduled early in the rental season
  • ◾ Unlimited kayak and paddleboard rentals throughout the season


$2,350.00 per Membership + applicable taxes

Fee:         $2,350 
GST:        $117.50
TOTAL:   $2,476.50 for the 2023 Season 


  • ◾ Payment. Boat Club fees are due upon confirmation of your spot by the Watersports team
  • ◾ No Refunds or Transfers. All Boat Club fees paid hereunder, are non-refundable or transferable except as specifically set out herein
  • ◾ Environmental Contaminants. The Member shall read, understand and adhere to the Club’s Environmental Policy
  • ◾ No Interference. The Member shall not conduct him/herself in a manner that is detrimental to the safety or the quiet enjoyment of Kelowna Yacht Club premises by others
  • ◾ Boat Rental Agreement. The Member will be required to complete a rental agreement and safety checklist prior to each rental booking
  • ◾ Termination by Kelowna Yacht Club for Cause. Without further notice, Kelowna Yacht Club shall be entitled to terminate this agreement with no further notice to the Member in the following circumstances:
    • ▪ the Member, or the Member’s family, guests or invitees, violating any other term of this agreement, Club bylaws, or policies
    • ▪ improper or reckless use of the equipment without the appropriate safety requirements
    • ▪ misuse and/or non-compliance to local, provincial and maritime laws, guidelines or policies
  • ◾ Termination by Kelowna Yacht Club Not for Cause. Notwithstanding anything else herein to the contrary, Kelowna Yacht Club shall be entitled to terminate this agreement at any time without cause by providing the Member 10 days’ notice and a refund of any Boat Club fee paid which is applicable to the period of time after this Agreement is terminated