Catering and Banquets Payment Page

Welcome to the Kelowna Yacht Club payment and deposit page for catering, banquets, or non-club events. From here, after you hit the button below, you will connect to our secure Credit Card payment page.

Once on the Converge pay website, please complete all fields to complete your payment and also have it directed to the appropriate invoice.

KYC Catering and Banquets Payment Portal

How to complete the fields:

  • In the Amount field please indicate the total of your invoice or the deposit amount.
  • In the Description Field please list your company and or the event name and also indicate if this is a deposit or a final payment.
  • In the Invoice Number please use the Invoice Number; note Deposits will not have an invoice number.
  • In the Merchant Transaction ID field, please input your billing account number.

A receipt will be emailed to the address you supplied during the checkout process.