The environment is important to us. We are committed to taking the necessary steps to protect our ecosystem and continually improve our environmental performance. Our environmental committee plays a key role in ensuring the club and its programs are environmentally conscious. We strive to be a leader in eco-friendly management.

Exciting News

Kelowna Yacht Club has been awarded the TOTA 2021 Eco-Efficiency Award, which recognizes organizations that have demonstrated excellence in managing environmental impacts, particularly in energy efficiency and sustainable management of waste and water. KYC is one of three organizations that have been recognized and awarded for leading the sustainability path for other businesses in BC.
  • Throughout 2021, KYC has developed and applied actions from certified programs such as; TOTA’s Biosphere Program and Clean Marine BC. We gathered data from 2015 to today, and worked with our two Green Teams – Member Committee and Staff to evaluate and analyze the target actions we will implement over the next 8 years, having 2030 as the goal to be aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.What are the UN Sustainable Goals? Watch this! 
  • October 2021 KYC participated in the Decade of Action Program organized by TOTA, BC  Tourism Resiliency Network and Sinergy Enterprises. Building a sustainable future for BC tourism through the UN Sustainable Development Goals by helping businesses to connect and collaborate. Over 4.5 weeks KYC worked with key players within our organization to build our own SDG Strategy and Decade of Action Plan.
    More details will be shared in 2022!

Clean Marine BC Certification

Kelowna Yacht Club has a Clean Marine BC certified 4 anchor eco-rating!

As we strive to be strong stewards of our beautiful lake, we have embarked upon the Clean Marine BC Program.

This involves assessing our performance in a number of critical areas, from refueling procedures, to waste management and restaurant policies.

Do your part and follow the guidelines to minimize your impact on Okanagan Lake.
Clean Marine Guide to Green Boating

Biosphere Committed

As local communities and businesses have a central role in the move to sustainable tourism, the Kelowna Yacht Club has recently committed to the Biosphere Program developed by TOTA in partnership with GSTC, GreenStep, and go2HR to move to a more sustainable tourism.

This program will provide the Club opportunities for networking, partnerships, development training workshops, platforms to promote individual sustainability projects and more.

The last straw.

Kelowna Yacht Club is taking steps to help eliminate waste. In our Member Lounge, straws are only served by request, and the only options we carry are biodegradable.

Keeping our lake fresh.

Kelowna Yacht Club, in partnership with the City of Kelowna, provides a public pump-out station. This allows boaters to pump their effluent into the sewage treatment system instead of the lake.

Highlights of our environmental policy.

The Kelowna Yacht Club recognizes how vital maintaining a clean, natural environment is to our operations. As such, we are committed to the following:

  • Eliminate the release of contaminants to the water column, both directly and indirectly
  • Minimize the release of pollutants to the atmosphere
  • Avoid contamination of the ground
  • Adopt waste reduction, reuse and recycling strategies
  • Optimize energy and water conservation
  • Promote good environmental practices to all

Environmental Policy

Want to get involved?

To find out more about the Kelowna Yacht Club’s Environmental Committee, email us.