Located right downtown, the Kelowna Yacht Club’s docks are home to over 1,000 boat slips. We provide secure mooring year-round and additional services during high season. Our docks are conveniently located adjacent to the City of Kelowna Boat Launch for easy in and out access.

Reliable Security

We offer secure moorage to our members including in the winter months. The docks are well-lit and access to moorage is by keycard only, providing peace of mind to our members.

Exceptional Service

During the high-season, Dockhands are on-staff and able to assist you with your dock-related needs. There is access to a pump-out station just outside the basin that is maintained by the Club, adding convenience to our members. Our basin is also located within metres of a fuel pump station located at the Downtown Marina.

Year Round On-The-Dock Storage

Looking for a location to store your kayak or paddleboard? Look no further! Here at the Kelowna Yacht Club members have the ability to join the Paddle Club and store their vessel on floating racks on-the-dock. You will have 24/7 access to your paddle vessel to make it easy for you to get out on the water whenever you want. For more information, visit the Paddle Club page.

Paddle Club


Current Moorage Rates

Currently, we have no slips available, but join today to get on the waitlist!

Slip Size (ft)
# of Slips
Length of boat accommodated
Annual Costs
20 foot
up to 23 feet
25 foot
23-28 feet
$71/ft^ – $74.50/ft*
30 foot
28 – 33 feet
$77/ft* – $77.00/ft*
35 foot
33 – 38 feet
40 foot
38 – 43 feet
50 foot
43 – 53 feet
Depends on slip
Depends on slip
Seasonal Personal Watercraft/Dinghies

  • ^ No electrical service
  • * With electrical service
  • Kelowna Yacht Club uses the boat length overall measurement to determine boat size
  • Kelowna Yacht Club uses the longer of the slip length or the measured boat length
  • A Moorage Agreement must be signed by all mooring Members
  • Members must provide proof of insurance

Moorage fees are due by November 30th annually
There is a late fee of $50 if fees are not paid by this date, unless paid by pre-authorized payments.


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