As one of the oldest non-profit societies in Kelowna, the success of the Kelowna Yacht Club is due to strong member commitment and excellent governance over the years. Following the centuries-old successful traditions of yacht clubs around the world, our Board of Directors maintains leadership continuity over the years.

Kent Hardisty


A member since 1996, Kent has been an active part of the Kelowna Yacht Club including sailing programs and volunteer functions for several decades. He has been on the Board of Directors for several years and can often be found conversing with Members at the Community Table or sailing on Okanagan Lake.

Don McEachern

Past Commodore

Don has served on the Kelowna Yacht Club’s Board of Directors for the past five years in the capacity of Director, Rear Commodore, Vice Commodore. He also served as Commodore of the Club in 2018. He is an avid sailor and has been a part of the Club for the past thirteen years.

Eva Aylward

Vice Commodore

Eva joined the Kelowna Yacht Club in 2015, not long after moving to Kelowna from Vancouver. She has been a part of the Board of Directors since 2016, beginning as Staff Captain, moving into the role of Rear Commodore and now in her current position. Eva looks forward to continuing her service to the Club in further capacities on the Board of Directors.

Tillman Hodgson

Rear Commodore

Tillman Hodgson is the founder of Seekingfire, where he leads a governance, risk management, and information security compliance practice. Right after moving to Kelowna in 2015, Tillman became a new and active member. He has since volunteered a total of 14 committee-years of effort. Tillman has a passion for powerboat cruising and governance practices, and has combined the two in leadership roles within the KYC and CPS.

Danny Foster

Fleet Captain

A passionate sailor, Danny has been active in the Club for over 11 years, including the Club’s sailing programs and various events such as Boat for Hope. Currently in his first term on the Board of Directors, Danny represents the sail fleet of the Club.

Rodney Lozinski

Staff Captain

A member of Kelowna Yacht Club for over 25 years, Rodney has been a part of many Club committees including Boat for Hope, Blind Fishing Derby and the Power Fleet Committee. Rodney is in his first term on the Board of Directors, representing the power fleet of the Club.

Christian Brix


Serving his second year on the Board of Directors, Christian has been an active volunteer for Club events for the past few years. He has been a member of the Kelowna Yacht Club since 2011 and currently chairs the Club’s Environmental Committee.

Lisa McHaffie


A Board of Directors alumni, Lisa was re-elected to the Board in 2018. She has been active within the Kelowna Yacht Club since 2010, including co-chairing the Kelowna Boat Show for six years.

James Wendland


A newer member to the Kelowna Yacht Club, James jumped right into the Club culture and was elected to the Board of Directors in 2018. With a large business network, James brings over ten years of experience in organizational leadership to the Club.

Sandy MacDonald


Sandy has been a member of the Kelowna Yacht Club since 2012 and has been Secretary to the Board since 2018. Sandy can often be found volunteering for many of the Club events year-round.

Annual General Meeting

The AGM is set for February 10, 2020, which will be the election date of directors.

Steering towards our future.

Our strategic planning keeps each succeeding board focused on the future, while meeting our current needs. Our operations are based on the club’s vision to be a premiere yacht club that builds on our rich history while meeting the needs of our members.