Proudly standing as the world’s first electric performance boat!

VOLTARI embarked on a journey to craft an unparalleled boating experience. Their value proposition is straightforward yet robust, merging high-grade materials and cutting-edge technology with premier service to deliver a thrilling high-performance boating adventure—with the added distinction of being electric. Proudly standing as the world’s first electric performance boat.

VOLTARI is on a mission to redefine the maritime industry. Their ambition reaches beyond the horizon, aiming not only to meet the current industry standards but to elevate them, reshaping the boating world with electric exhilaration at its core.

Voltari’s new boats are packed with innovation, luxury, and performance that will leave you breathless. Witness the incredible capabilities of Voltari’s boats with live demonstrations on the water.

See them in action and experience the power and precision firsthand.

Email to book your demo slot –

Demo Availability:

Tuesday, September 26th at 4pm

Wednesday, September 27 at 11am

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