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This page includes options to add one child or multiple children.

Use this form to extend membership privileges to immediate family members under nineteen (19) years.

KYC Bylaws (Part 2 - Membership)

8. Member Family & Spouses

a) Immediate Family. For all membership classes that have spousal privileges, the Board shall, upon written notice from a Member in good standing, extend Membership to any spouse and all members of their immediate family under 19 years (“Immediate Family”), and all Annual Member Dues paid to date shall be considered to have been paid in respect of the Member and spouse divided equally. The spouse and Immediate Family shall enjoy all the rights, privileges and duties of the Primary Member until the Primary Member notifies the Club otherwise or their child reaches 19 years of age. Only one spouse with a voting Membership shall be entitled to vote at any General Meeting, and only one spouse shall be entitled to be elected to the Board at any one time. The Board may request reasonable proof of family status. Upon attaining the age of 19, any Immediate Family of a Regular Member in good standing, who wishes to retain their Membership in the Club, must apply for approval to do so no later than ninety (90) days after their 19th birthday. Such Member shall not be required to pay an Initiation Fee for this change.

b) Separation. Where spouses who share Membership become separated within the meaning of the BC Family Law Act (as amended from time to time), each may continue to hold Membership in the Club subject to Regulations and Club Policies.

c) Death. Upon the death of a Member in good standing, the surviving spouse, if not already a Member, shall automatically and without incurring any Initiation Fees, be entitled to all rights and benefits of the deceased spouse and shall continue as a Member with all privileges and obligations of the same Membership category as the deceased Member.

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