As one of the oldest non-profit societies in Kelowna, the success of the Kelowna Yacht Club is due to the strong Member commitment and excellent governance over the years. Following the centuries-old successful traditions of yacht clubs around the world, our Board of Directors have always been structured to maintain leadership continuity over the years.

 The most significant governance feature is the learning and experience of our Commodore, a position similar to other organizations’ presidents. Each Commodore progresses into the position through an “apprenticeship” where they first serve a term as Rear Commodore and become more involved in the policy and operational knowledge of directing the club. Next they spend a year as Vice Commodore before taking on their responsibilities as Commodore for their third year. They serve their final year as the Past Commodore, providing sage counsel and advice to the new Commodore and their executive team. Not wanting to lose the experience and knowledge of each Commodore, the Kelowna Yacht Club has formed a Past Commodore’s Advisory Committee to ensure we continue to benefit from their leadership skills.

Past Boards of Directors have taken long-term planning to heart and our new clubhouse is a result of that long-range perspective. With the growing public interest in boating on Okanagan Lake, the Long Range Planning Committee was formed over a decade ago and tasked with investigating options and planning to meet the needs of our increasing membership and expanding moorage capacity. This foresight resulted in a plan to accumulate the necessary funds and manage our operations with the intent of eventually building and moving to a new clubhouse.

Our strategic planning process keeps each succeeding Board focused on the future, even though our current needs are being met with the new clubhouse. All of our operations are based on the Club’s vision to be a premiere yacht club that builds on our rich history while meeting the needs of our Members.

The Strategic Plan requires annual examination in three strategic areas of focus:

  • Governance, which looks at the Board’s organizational structure and policy and procedures.
  • Accountability, focusing on financial, citizenship and quality improvement.
  • Sustainability, covering leadership, financial health, Member engagement, environmental stewardship and future expansion. 

As evidenced by the Club’s operations, membership growth and Member involvement, the Kelowna Yacht Club is a very successful, well-run organization with a bright future ahead.