Corporate Membership – Add Designee(s) Request

To be completed by the Corporate Membership to add new Designees to their membership.

Corporate memberships at KYC include three designees. Each additional corporate member is just $1018.00 + applicable taxes and includes an additional $500 prepaid minimum spend for each additional designee, to a maximum of six (6) designees.

Please ensure you have five (5) or fewer designees prior to adding a new designee.

If you need to remove a corporate designee please do so here.

KYC Corporate Membership - Bylaw h

Bylaw h. This class of Member is an organization that shall:

  1. be eligible to hold moorage (maximum one slip) in accordance with Regulations;
  2. be entitled to all Clubhouse privileges, including eligibility to use a House Account;
  3. not be entitled to hold office or vote at any General Meeting of the Club, however, may attend as an observer with no stated opinion;
  4. have up to six (6) designees who are either an employee, Partner, Director, or Officer designated within the organization as the named Members to use the Clubhouse and have signing authority on a corporate House Account. Designees accept personal liability for any and all charges incurred, as prescribed by Club Policies;
  5. membership includes three (3) designees, with each designee paying an additional fee as prescribed by Club Policies;
  6. appoint one of the designees as the “Primary Member” who agrees to receive and respond to all communications from the Club;
  7. pay an Initiation Fee and Annual Member Dues and all other fees, assessments, or debts as required by Club Policies; and
  8. be responsible and accountable for the actions of their guests.

The Primary Member shall be responsible and accountable for the actions of all corporate designees, and their guests and can only be changed by delivery of written notification as required by Club Policies. Any Corporate Member designee who wishes to upgrade to Regular Member status must apply for approval to do so and, if accepted, must pay such Initiation Fee as prescribed by Club Policies.

Corporate Information

1st New Designee

Leave blank if you desire to have this designee added to the agenda for the next KYC Board of Directors meeting. Only complete If you wish to add this designee at some future date.
Before requesting to add additional designees, please ensure that you do not exceed (6) six designees in total.

Next Steps

Once this form is submitted, your new designee(s) will receive emailed instructions and a link to complete the process by submitting their information.

Step 1. The New Designee(s) completes and submits the application which is automatically sent to them by email.

Step 2. The KYC Member Services Team will contact the New Designee(s) to arrange an orientation tour.

Step 3. The New Designee(s)’ application will be presented at the monthly Board of Directors meeting for approval. Those meetings take place on the last Thursday of every month. The application deadline is the Monday prior.

Step 4. Following the BOD meeting, and Board approval, the New Designee(s) will receive an email Welcoming them to the Club as an official member.