Special Leave Application

According to Kelowna Yacht Club Bylaw 9.

Leaves of Absence & Special Leave

  1. Providing they have not done so in the last twelve (12) months, any Regular Member in good standing, upon written notification to the Club office no later than October 31, can decide not to renew their Membership for the ensuing year, and may, on or before the first (1st ) business day of November of the next Membership year, re-apply for Regular Membership and, if required, moorage subject to the waitlist like any new Member, without payment of another Initiation Fee.
  2. Any Member in good standing may apply in writing to the Board for a special leave of absence “Special Leave”, which can be no greater than four (4) years. If granted, all Club privileges will be suspended during a Special Leave, including moorage. On return, the Member may apply for reinstatement and moorage as required, subject to the waitlist like any new Member. No further Initiation Fee will be payable on return from a Special Leave.

Special Leave Application

Member Information

KYC Fiscal year runs from Nov 1 to Oct 31.

While on Approved Leave


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